What are the 7 types of adoption in Michigan?

Michigan law recognizes 7 types of adoptions.  If you take a look at the law you may find an adoption that suits your situation.

  1. Direct Placement Adoption.  This adoption is when the biological parents choose the adoptive parents.  Through a process involving court approval and termination of the biological parent’s rights the adoptive parents become the legal parents of the child.
  1. Step-Parent Adoption. Here the spouse of the parent adopts the child through the consent to termination or termination of the other parent’s rights.  Then the spouse becomes the legal parent.
  1. Relative Adoption. In this case a relative to the child adopts the child. In the adopting parent is related to the child in the fifth degree the adoption process is a bit simpler.
  1. Single-Parent Adoption. As the name implies a single parent adopts a child.
  1. Guardianship Adoption.  When the court has already appointed a guardian he guardians sometimes wish to adopt.  Oftentimes this is for finality and for stability of the child’s life.
  1. Adult Adoption. When the adoptee is an adult the process is more basic and simple.  An adult can consent to an adoption and so there is little room for a court to second-guess the adoption.
  1. Foster Care Adoption. When foster parents choose to adopt the State of Michigan normally handles this.