Stepparent Adoption

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Questions About the Stepparent Adoption Process?

Ask about our stepparent adoption services in Farmington Hills, Oakland County, MI

You've helped raise your stepchildren, and you want to establish your parental rights to make decisions about their upbringing. You can turn to Williams Law Offices, PLLC in Oakland County, MI for step-parent adoption services.

During this process, a biological parent can give full rights to a stepparent. You can also move to terminate the rights of a biological parent. Get in touch with our stepparent adoption attorney right away to learn more.

3 reasons to adopt your stepchild

If your families already live together, you may be wondering how a stepparent adoption will change anything. A legal adoption will:

  1. Protect your parental rights in the event of a divorce or death of a spouse
  2. Allow you to make healthcare decisions for your stepchild
  3. Give your stepchild rights to your inheritance

Don't wait to start the adoption process. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss our stepparent adoption services.