For Child Support Michigan has a web resource which allows you to create an account and see the amount you owe. You can also calculate child support although divorce lawyers, such as Williams Law Offices, have a better program and will calculate it for you. The State of Michigan child support web address is:

For adoption resources the Adoption Benchbook is a handy resource that explains the process of adoption and termination. A benchbook is a book used by judges themselves to apply Michigan Adoption Law so you can rely on it as accurate. This is the most recent version:

Download Benchbook

Also this is Attorney Williams's article on adoptions published in the General Practitioner:

If you have filed for Bankruptcy and wish to check the status of your case you can register for Public Access to Electronic Records (PACER):

If you have filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you can see all of your payments and trustee payments to your creditors. If you filed in the Eastern District of Michigan you can select the name of your trustee which is on your bankruptcy notice and register for an account. Also the Chapter 13 trustee will provide you a booklet with instructions. If you have trouble registering the Chapter 13 trustee's office is more than happy to help you:

If you need free legal services these are resources that you can try:

Toll Free: (888)783-8190

If you are looking for a Christian Attorney you can use Christian Legal Society's referral page. Attorney Michael Williams is listed here as well:

If you need prayer you can find a blessing at: