Mother’s Day: Just Mother

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it is a really big holiday at our house.  My boys always worry about what they are going to get me!

Now that I am “older” and have been doing adoptions for over 10 years I find that saying “you can’t buy the most important things,” to be so true.

I cannot buy those ridiculously funny things they say, or the feeling I get when they hug me, or the smell (if they’ve taken a shower) they have.  I can buy those family nights or the talks around the table when we are eating.  I cannot buy the indescribable love and compassion I feel for them.  I guess it is just what happens when you become a mother.

Here is to ALL MOTHERS; whether we are moms by birth or adoption! A very Happy Mother’s Day!

By Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee (248) 567-9939, May 10, 2017.