Client Adoption Checklist



(Please provide the following documents/information marked by a check.


We will need these documents and filing fees from you in order to file your Adoption case)


______ Any and all documents signed have full names including middle name;

______ Certified copy of adoptee’s birth certificate (original birth certificate);

______ Petitioner’s birth certificate;

______ Copies of Driver’s Licenses;

______ Petitioner’s marriage certificate to each other; as well as previous marriage certificates for each petitioner;

______ All divorce decrees;

______ Death certificate if previous marriage ended because of the death of a spouse;

______ Death certificate of biological mother or father, if applicable;

______ Guardianship orders including the Petition and Order for Authority to Adopt;

______ Birth or death certificates showing relationship to child if petitioners are relatives;

______ All name change orders;

______ Statements/letters from Petitioner and if adult adoption adult adoptee requesting the adoption;

______ Clearances from any past criminal conviction or alcohol related traffic violations that show all fines have been or conditions have been satisfied;

______ If Petitioners/adoptee are not US Citizens a valid Resident Alien Card, valid Visa from INS;

______ If Guardian’s are consenting to the adoption of child by another, certified letters of guardianship and a court order given guardian such authority;

______ Copy of your Home-study/preplacement assessment (need a copy of all assessments) ;

______ Medical report from physician regarding health for petitioners (example attached, may make additional copies, if needed);

______ Medical report from physician, including immunizations for adoptee (example attached; may make additional copies, if needed);

______ $185.00 Filing Fee made payable to “Wayne County Clerk” (money order only);

______ $235.00 Filing Fee made payable to “Oakland County Clerk”;

______ $185.00 Without new birth certificate (Oakland County)

______ $250.00 Homestudy Fee, $100.00 (Oakland County)

______ $60.00 Fingerprinting (Oakland County)

______ New Birth Certificate Form (2 originals, see attached)

______ New Birth Certificate Fee;

______ Central Registry Clearance (one for every adult who lives in the home, may make copies of attached form, if needed). Complete form and mail to your local DHS office at: ___________________________________________________________________________________

They will mail back the clearance to the address located on your provided picture identification.

______ Completed Adoption Report (Attached)

______ Three personal reference letters. Nonrelative, non-household member, with contact information including address and telephone number and signature;

______ Statement from Adoptive family that all known social and medical history has been shared; and

______ Additional information the court may request.

















1. Retainer Agreement; _________________________

2. What court? _____________________________________________

3. Court Checklist;

4. Type of Adoption: and

____ Direct Placement

____ Relative

____ Step-parent

____ Guardian (Do we need Petition and Order for Authority to Adopt?)

____ Adult


____ Interstate


____ Intrastate


____ Ward/State


5. Send Adoption notice to OBGYN and Birthing Hospital ______________

Biological Father

1. Personal Service or Certified mail return receipt: Petition and Notice of Intent (at least 30 days prior to birth)

2. With Putative Custody Statement

3. Adopting a Child in Michigan Pamphlet

4. Wavier Independent Counsel

5. Photo Id

6. Non-identifying Social History Questionnaire

7. Acknowledgment of Parentage

8. Copy of Homestudy

9. Waive Counseling

10. Power of Attorney for Minor Child

11. Out of Court Consent

12. Statement Regarding Direct Placement

13. Parent’s Verified Accounting

Termination of Father’s Rights

______ What type of father?

1. Legal

2. Putative; or

3. Equitable



______ Known

______ Unknown

1. Petition for Hearing to ID Father and Determine or Terminate His Rights (PCA 310); Notice of Hearing to ID (PCA 311) and Declaration of Inability to Identify/Locate Father (PCA 315). Submit with Petition for Adoption (Wayne County) if possible.

______ Voluntarily?

______ Involuntarily

______ Notice of Intent

______ Custody Statement


Biological Mother

1. Petition Notice of Intent (Notice of Intent to Release and Consent)

2. Adopting a Child in Michigan Pamphlet

3. Waiver Independent Counsel

4. Petition to Identify Father

5. Photo Id

6. Non-identifying Social History Questionnaire

7. Acknowledgement of Parentage

8. Declaration of Inability to ID Father Locate

9. Copy of Home-study, if applicable

10. Waive Counseling

11. Power of Attorney for Minor Child

12. Hospital and birthing plan

13. Out of Court Consent

14. Verified Declaration Regarding Putative Father

15. Statement Accompanying Direct Placement

16. Parent’s Verified Accounting


Biological Child

1. 14 or older? and

2. Needs to Consent?


Temporary transfer

_____ PCA 330 (Statement from parent/guardian regarding transfer)

_____ PCA 332 (Statement from adoptive parent(s) regarding transfer)

_____ PCA 333 (A follow up report after temporary placement)

_____ File documents with the court

_____ File follow up report within 30 days

_____ Include PPA (Pre-placement Assessment)



Out of Court Consent(s)

______ Out of court form

______ Verified Statement

______ Verified Accounting


Ready to file?

_____ Everything received from checklist

_____ Petition to be signed (supplemental if applicable)

_____ With Adoption Petition file Petition for Hearing to Id Father and Determine or Terminate his rights or there is an additional $20 file.

_____ Application for New Birth Certificate if applicable (some times need two depending on the court)

_____ 7 day verified statement

_____ 7 day for attorney

_____ File an appearance


Post-Petition Adoption Matters

_____ Motion for Immediate Confirmation

_____ Supervisory Period

_____ Copies of Order of Formal Placement

_____ Petitioner’s 21 day

_____ 21 days including for attorney

_____ Letter from Adoptive parents wanting the adoption

_____ Agency’s statement for services

_____ Report on Appeals and Rehearings

_____ Updated medical report from physican

_____ DHS form 4746

_____ Final Order Allowing Fees and Cost (prepared form for Oakland)

_____ Waiver of the finalization hearing (form for Wayne)

_____ Hearing

______ Misc.

_____ Order of Adoption

_____ Return clients property (Date ___________________________)

_____ Close file (Date: __________________________)