Biological Mother: Adoption

When you make that decision; the hardest decision of your life, to give your baby to a family for the purposes of adoption.

Every biological mother is different.  Just as every adoptive mother is different.  We handle stresses and worries differently.  We exhibit excitement and happiness differently, but all mothers want the same thing.  That our children be healthy and loved.

So, if you’re reading this and your a biological parent, I dedicate this poem to you:

God bless that mother far away

Whose feeling life to much to bare

Gave up this child one desperate day

For one last hope for love and care

For could that have been an easy task

Oh, how it must have hurt to say,

“Be good my child, don’t be afraid,”

And turn and walk away.

Now those little arms hug me, those little almond eyes so dear

And oh thank God this child is here

That another mother loved her so

She found the strength to let her go

So may our lives be worth of

That final, total give of love.

By Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee (248) 567-9939, 4/19/2017.