Affordable Adoptions

I am getting really tired of reading about how much these adoptions are costing families.  I am saying to myself, but it doesn’t have to cost that much! What are the fees for?

Upon my years of research, twenty plus years, I found that people who know less pay more.  However unfortunate that sounds more than likely it’s the truth.  For years agencies have been gouging families with their fees for this and fees for that and more fees.  They’re worse than the hidden fees you find in your mobile phone contracts.  Now I want to say that not all agencies and attorneys are out to find a gold mine.

Let’s talk about international adoptions, that’s a little different of a story, but it still doesn’t have to be that expensive.  A lot of the fees associated with an international adoption has to do with the country the child is being adopted from; that country charges a fee.  This fee can be hefty.

So, my primary focus on the cost of adoptions is domestic adoptions.