Adoption Law

Add a New Member to Your Family

Add a New Member to Your Family

Connect with an adoption attorney in Farmington Hills, Oakland County, MI

Children can enter your life in many different ways. Whether you want to foster a child or adopt a step-child, you can trust Williams Law Offices, PLLC to help you every step of the way.

Our adoption attorney in Oakland County, MI will discuss the process and help the adoption go through. We can also assist with adult adoptions and guardianships. To learn more about adoption law regarding direct or agency adoptions, contact us today.

What does the adoption process look like?

Adopting a child isn't always easy. Thankfully, our adoption attorney will be there for you through all the required steps, including:

  • Gathering necessary documents
  • Going through a home assessment
  • Getting the child temporarily placed in your home
  • Filing a petition for adoption
  • Terminating the biological parents' rights, if necessary
  • Attending a court hearing to finalize the adoption

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